Equipment Installation Engineering

 When a company purchases new or surplus equipment, typically additional engineering is required in order to install and integrate it into their facility. Chadwick Engineering has extensive experience providing this installation engineering for new and retrofit industrial projects. These installation engineering services may include the following:  services_equipment-installation_01
 Completion of equipment layout and general arrangement drawings showing the location of all equipment.

  • Completion of equipment installation detail drawings.
  • Design of new and modified equipment foundations.
  • Design and routing of mechanical piping for hydraulics, pneumatics, coolant, water, etc.
  • Design and routing of mechanical ducting.
  • Completion of electrical interconnection and termination schedule.
  • Design and routing of electrical embedded conduit.
  • Design and routing of electrical exposed conduit.
  • Design of equipment grounding.
  • Line guarding and safety design.
Comprehensive installation scopes of work. These scopes of work can either be issued for tender or utilized by our customers’ personnel to install the equipment.
Typically, our customers choose to compliment these services by having us support the project management as well. This allows our customers the time to focus on the key details of the project.