Strip Cleaning Systems

Chadwick Engineering specializes in the design and fabrication of solvent based Strip Cleaning Systems. These systems are commonly used to remove rolling oils and debris from metal strip surfaces. The solvents are mechanically mixed with the rolling oils and debris and then flushed away with a solvent rinse. The solvent is removed from the strip surfaces using squeegee and vacuum rolls.

The residual solvent left on the strip acts as a lubricant to prevent interlayer scratching in rewound coils. Particulate in the solvent is removed by a fine particle filter. Rolling oils are removed in a batch process using a vacuum distillation system.

Our Cleaning Systems are designed for industrial duty and ease of maintenance. By removing the top cover of the enclosure, brush and wringer roll modules can be lifted out to provide maximum accessibility for maintenance.

Two Cleaning System Models are available, a light gauge continuously threaded model and a heavy gauge self-threading model. The details of each model are modified to meet a customers particular requirements for speed, width, gauge, surface sensitivity and cleanliness requirements. Our Cleaning Systems can be custom designed to be retrofit into existing finishing lines.