Project Front End Planning & Engineering

We have developed a scaled down version of the IPA standard Front End Loading or Planning (FEL/FEP) Process to extract key aspects of this approach and tailor it to small ($100K) to medium ($100M) sized projects . We specialize in the development of detailed process and equipment specifications to ensure our customers request exactly what they require.

Our FEL & Project Management Toolbox includes the following major tools:

  • FEL 1, 2 & 3 Checklists
  • Overall & Vendor Specific Project Action Lists
  • Detailed Project Schedules – Overall Project, Construction / Installation, Start-up, etc.
  • Project Cost Estimating Cost Range Analysis (CRA) Estimates
  • Project Risk Identification & Review Process
  • Project Resource Planning Chart
  • Project Cost Tracking & Forecasting Forms
  • Vendor Proposal Comparison & Vendor Selection Process